Tuesday, September 6, 2011



My four day weekend has come to an end, and now I'm headed back into normal life again. Happy late labor day to you- I spent mine with an attempt to sleep in (9:15. lame.), and some bonding time with my family. It was good. Very relaxed, go with the flow kind of day. Later last night, Eli and I spent a couple of hours doing homework at Starbucks. I've found that I am much more studious and productive when I'm in a public place, like Starbucks or a bookstore. Not only do I not have all the distractions of home life, but the environment is nice. It's consistently clean, with people that do not know me.

I enjoy being anonymous sometimes. I've had the thought that, if I went somewhere and didn't utter a single word, I may as well be Russian to the people around me. Strange, right? But a little bit wonderful at the same time. When I was little, I used to pretend that I was deaf when I met other kids my age, simply for the thrill of seeing them believe it. It was either that, or I would put on a fake (and probably not very good, although I remember it being fantastic) British accent.

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